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If you want to make great tasting matcha without all the tools and procedures, instant matcha can be a great solution. All you need to do is add water to the instant matcha, and you have a delicious cup of tea in seconds. You don’t need to worry about measuring out the tea, sifting the powder or whisking it up. Just simply mix and drink

What is instant matcha?

Instant matcha is a great new product that can be used to instantly prepare great tasting matcha tea. The instant matcha tea we offer is made from freeze dried, ceremonial matcha tea. This means that matcha tea was prepared and then the water was taken out of it through a rapid freezing process. All you need to do is mix these cubes into water and you will have a delicious cup or bowl of matcha tea.

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Our instant matcha is produced by reputable Japanese farmers

Even when it comes to instant matcha tea, quality matters. This is why we source from a reputable tea farm in Uji. Uji has played a major role in the development of Japanese green tea throughout history. It is strategically located between the capitals of Kyoto and Nara, and for hundreds of years it has been a hotbed of matcha tea cultivation. Now, the future of matcha is here, and these cubes are a great way to enjoy matcha, without taking all the time to prepare it.

Our instant matcha powder is 100% pesticide free

As we mentioned before, it is particularly important to go pesticide free when you are selecting matcha. This even applies to instant matcha because even though you are preparing a convinient matcha, you are still consuming the entire leaf, and everything contained within it. If you are conscious about consuming chemicals, you should avoid the conventionally grown teas, particularly when it comes to powdered tea. In addition to the health aspect, we have also tried to address some environmental concerns of the tea industry by sourcing only pesticide free.

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Why our instant matcha powder exceeds the quality of tea bags and other instant teas

The freeze drying method allows you to use a much higher quality instant matcha powder. The  instant green tea powderused in our matcha cubes is from ceremonial grade matcha, rather than the lower quality culinary grade matcha that is used in most instant matcha teas.

These matcha cubes also are made without sugar, which is a common ingredient in instant matcha tea. This allows you to make your own decisions, if you are making a matcha latte, you can always add the milk and sugar in later. If you are planning on simply mixing the instant matcha tea into water, you can enjoy a healthy beverage in seconds!

  • Premium Japanese Quality

    To make our instant matcha cubes, we source high quality, pesticide free matcha from uji. It is important for us to source our instant matcha tea from pesticide free sources because when you are drinking matcha, you are consuming the entire leaf, along with everything included in it.

  • Smooth taste

    This matcha is ceremonial grade, making it much less bitter than the typical cheap instant matcha powders you may find online.

  • Effortless preparation

    These instant matcha cubes mix quickly into water, eliminating the need for complicated measurements and tools. You can even shake up a few of these cubes in your water bottle, and enjoy green tea while you are on the go!

  • Energizing effects

    Just like with other matcha tea, you will notice a rush of energy when drinking this instant matcha tea. You will likely not experience the crash, or the jitters usually experienced from coffee, because of the high content of l-theanine.

Learn how to prepare Instant Matcha with our video tutorial

  • Step 1 - Add the cubes in a glass

    Just add 1-2 cubes of matcha into a glass or bowl

  • Step 2 - Pour water

    Next step is to pour in 150ml of wate

  • Step 3 - Mix your matcha latte powder to make Koicha

    Stir it up with a whisk, a spoon or a milk frother

  • Step 4 - Enjoy your instant matcha!

    It really is that simple!

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